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Most of my predictions about eBay have come true since 2009. I'm not saying that to pat myself on the back, I'm saying that in the hopes that maybe YOU WILL LISTEN THIS TIME! Read my past posts on Google Blogger under Cardcop or Cardcop04. I am the ORIGINAL & ONLY true Cardcop as I was given this name in 1997 by someone who was "supposed" to be fighting for collectors when in fact all he was doing was fighting for HIMSELF and his card store (PORKY's) in California. I've been fighting sports card hobby fraud ever since non-stop and am the ONLY one who NEVER accepted a pay-off to shut up who fights hobby fraud that I know of. I've done more important investigations for free than I can count. If I weren't so sick, I could write a Sports Card book as big as Beckett's YEARLY Baseball Price Guide with hobby facts that almost no one ever heard before. SO ASK ME QUESTIONS!
Here are some facts that every sports card seller/buyer needs to know about eBay:
1) eBay DOES NOT CARE if fraud/BAD rule breaking occurs on eBay! All they care about is upholding a decent (it's far from pristine anymore)  reputation online as the best place to buy/sell sports cards. Unfortunately eBay is still the ONLY place to buy sports cards cheap (only with auctions that start cheap & the chance that you'll get lucky which has been ever increasing since 2009) but only if you can avoid the breaking of eBay rules that eBay actually ENCOURAGES! Talk about a coin with two HEADS sides. SOMEONE WILL ALWAYS LOSE AND IT'S NEVER EBAY! eBay almost NEVER suspends sellers who make them the most money no matter how many rules they break or how often!
2) If you are primarily a buyer (no matter how much you spend monthly on average)- you WILL get a strike against your account every time you call eBay to report the WORST sports card sellers like: zachcards04 (AVG-15 Negatives/Neutral a month w/99.5 Feedback Percentage) and tntnorthnj (AVG-28 Neg/Neut a month w/99.5%). These are just two random examples of many dozens of likeminded sellers on eBay- MAKE AS MUCH AS WE CAN AS FAST AS WE CAN REGADLESS OF EBAY'S RULES & BE AS NASTY TO BUYERS AS WE WANT BECAUSE WE KNOW EBAY WON'T PUNISH US!
Get 6-strikes against your account in less than 90-days & you (THE BUYER) gets suspended! For what??? >>>>FOR DOING THE RIGHT THING, FOR THE RIGHT REASON!!! Also, have (6) "chargebacks" to your PayPal account (refunds for ANY reason: not receiving items, getting a partial S&H OVERCHARGE refund, or a partial refund for a damaged card due to seller negligence to save a few pennies) and eBay can & WILL suspended you (the buyer) for this as well!!! AGAIN, YOU ARE DOING WHAT EBAY TELLS YOU TO DO (on their site, or by phone Trust & Safety employees) & THEY PUNISH YOU FOR IT! If you do this more than once, you will be PEMANENTLY SUSPENDED if it doesn't happen like that the FIRST time.

UPDATE 8/7/13- It's OFFICIAL eBay admits using a CALL CENTER in India as it's default phone Customer Service! I spoke with eBay a week ago by phone and the nice person on the phone with an average American name (FAKE!!!) also with a heavy Indian accent admitted that he worked for a Call Center in INDIA and represented eBay but does not work for eBay.
I had been saying this for months but hardly anyone was listening. These people in India don't know the first thing about eBay & how thing as work in the United States in the Sports Card Hobby other than the ten rules or so they get on ONE sheet of paper which covers EVERY section of items and rules on eBay!!! Plus these people in India are getting paid like $1.00 an hour (if that). THIS IS HOW MUCH EBAY RESPECTS YOUR MONEY THAT THEY ARE TAKING FROM YOU! They used to have only true eBay employees answering the phones when it cost an average of 10% to sell an item on eBay AND use PayPal as a seller. Now it costs around 17% and you get a known-nothing in INDIA to help you!
For those who watch the Showtime Series SHAMELESS know Fiona Gallagher is working for one of these similar companies. She works on the phone at a CALL CENTER selling items & doing Customer Service for items she's never even seen in-person and knows very little about and the companies representing these products WANT IT THAT WAY, just like eBay! 
The ONLY WAY you get to speak to a person that truly works for eBay is if you get a SPECIALIST that has a specific title like "SHIPPING AND HANDLING SPECIALIST".

Speaking of which, I've been back on eBay three times in July 2013 because I wanted to buy several 2013 Inception Baseball Autograph RC's (Taiwan Walker- $10, Jose Fernandez- $8.00 Nick Castellanos- $5.00, Jesse Biddle- $5.00, Addison Russell- $8.00, and Max Fried- bought two for $6.00! as an investment (a few are selling for substantially more already) and I bought almost a hundred of them for less than $3.00 each to add to my next card donation. SO EBAY IS STILL ALLOWING PERMANENTLY SUSPENDED MEMBERS TO SIGN RIGHT BACK ON & USE EBAY!

One last update & IT'S IMPORTANT, eBay has REMOVED all the Rule Pages specific to what I was fighting! They are: Overcharging Shipping and Handling and Fee Avoidance. Those were eBay official terminology, but if you go to Customer Service from My eBay then type either of these things in the Help Search box nothing relevant will be found!!! This is very new and changed only in the last couple of months only. I specifically looked up these things a couple of months ago (as I do every couple of months) in the eBay search and they were there & now THEY ARE GONE! THEY ACTUALLY REMOVED THE RULE PAGES THAT HELPED COLLECTORS KEEP SPORTS CARD SELLERS FROM MAKING BUYERS PAY THEIR EBAY AND PAYPAL FEES RIGHT IN YOUR SHIPPING AND HANDLING FEES AND KEPT SELLERS FROM MAKING AN OUTRAGIOUS FREE AND CLEAR PROFIT FROM S&H FEES WHICH USED TO BE ONE OF THE WORST RULES YOU COULD BREAK ON EBAY! I can't believe eBay did this. This is lower that I thought eBay would ever stoop to. Now that these rules are no longer listed anywhere sports cards sellers are DOING WHATEVER THE HELL THEY WANT ands there's nothing anyone can do about it anymore! I think this proves that I wasn't the only one complaining about these things (as most sellers stated) because eBay wouldn't remove several rules pages because of only me, would they? I don't think so... I'll be the first to admit that my personal effectiveness have dropped 75% or more since I became so physically disabled. Just doing this update is weakening me to the point that I won't be able to type again for at least a couple of days.

DO NOT DO WHAT I DO OR EBAY WILL EVENTUALLY MAKE SURE YOU NEVER USE THEIR SITE AGAIN! I changed eBay ID's TEN TIMES in three years because the BIG eBay sellers I went after who were breaking eBay rules which hurt collectors directly ganged up on me with little punk-ass bitch followers at to get me thrown off of eBay with lies. so eBay saw this & told me how to get back on eBay without lying at all! But even that doesn't work anymore... eBay got wise (it only took YEARS!) & I'm done on that screwed up site. BUT I STILL CARE ABOUT EVERY OTHER BUYER STUCK ON EBAY!
I TOLD ALL OF YOU WHO READ MY POSTS THAT EBAY WAS GOING SALES ONLY A COUPLE OF YEARS AGO. Well that happened. An average of 85%+ of eBay sports card items are for SALE now, not Auction.
Until a very honest someone starts a Sports Card only AUCTION site that is like eBay was in 2001 on back to 1997, no one will come close to competing with eBay in the sports card area. So us collectors lose either way because several people have tried & FAILED MISERABLY to do what eBay did with sports cards but couldn't get even 5% of the volume of bidders that eBay has/had. I don't know what to do or say anymore.

James McCay
As Always- TRULY On The Collector's Side.

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